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How to use a single service to deliver your game to your audience

In many cases, the most valuable asset you can have as a game publisher is your service.With a single game, you can create a massive platform that can grow to reach a wide audience, and you can make the games available on other platforms that will allow people to play it on their computer or…

How to connect to the net in Windows 7 and 8

By default, the internet service provider (ISP) that provides the internet connection on your computer will connect to your computer and make requests for internet traffic.You can control what kind of requests are made and what type of information the ISP collects.You have the choice of connecting to a network server that provides this information…

The Socceroos could win the World Cup with their best players

The Socceroo team has just five players who are in the squad that is to face South Africa in Johannesburg.The Socceroos have just five of their 21 players on their squad because of injuries and are relying on some other key players to provide more depth.But a few players are showing signs of improvement, including…

Google News India: The serv, the chunk server and the client

Google News India (India),  A day after Google India launched the Google News app on the Android platform, the service has added a new feature: a “service”, which allows users to serve news from various sources.This service is part of the Google App Engine (GO) and the service is only available in India.The Google App…

Server crash causes blackouts in India

A server crash in India caused blackouts, according to a report in The Times Of India.The server crashed on Wednesday, according the Times of Indian.The article said the outage lasted for about 45 minutes and was caused by a fault in the network.


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