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When Facebook gets hacked

Facebook has found itself under attack from some users who want to ban or delete the social network’s official website.The company said Tuesday that it has been monitoring about 200,000 of the accounts that are suspected of breaking the rules.In some cases, Facebook is also blocking the accounts from reaching its millions of users, the…

How to install the cube game server on your PC

A few weeks ago, Valve revealed a new game server, which it called CubeGameServer.It had a lot of features, including a real-time chat bot, a server-side game engine, and a dedicated server for its popular CubeMap game.It’s also a really cool idea to let people play together, rather than just having one person on a…

How to fix your ping problems and more, ESPN

The NFL Network’s SportsCenter has been airing live sports programming for years.In a recent video, it showed what it called the “biggest problem” the network faces right now.Here’s how to fix it: First, the network’s web-based app needs to get updated to the latest version.The app is available for iOS and Android, but the latest…

Iran rejects US plan to shut down Iran’s nuclear programme

Iran’s foreign ministry has rejected a US proposal to close the country’s main uranium enrichment facility, saying it would only harm efforts to reach a nuclear deal.Al Jazeera’s Hadi Abou-Ezzati reports from Tehran.

Why did the US government leak the details of its own investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails?

The US government has revealed details of the criminal investigation into the contents of Hillary Clinton emails to the FBI, in a move that has infuriated Republican lawmakers and critics who have said the move threatens to undercut their campaign to unseat the Democratic presidential candidate.The revelations about the Clinton probe come as the Republican…


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