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The new WWE NXT and NXT TakeOver: New York event in Queens – ESPN CriLinks

With the official start of NXT Takeover: New Orleans, WWE has announced its new live event series, NXT Takeovers: New Jersey, in the state of New York.The NXT Take Over: New New York series will kick off on March 4 at the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York City, with an all-star roster of…

Which of the two is the better server?

The servers are different in the way that they run and what they offer.Both have their own features that can be used to improve the experience.While the server can handle many things, such as playing games, downloading videos, and more, the Nexus Server is geared towards making your experience as smooth as possible.The Nexus Server…

Iran rejects US plan to shut down Iran’s nuclear programme

Iran’s foreign ministry has rejected a US proposal to close the country’s main uranium enrichment facility, saying it would only harm efforts to reach a nuclear deal.Al Jazeera’s Hadi Abou-Ezzati reports from Tehran.

‘The world’s first robot to help with your daily tasks’: Amazon’s new bot allows you to read books, order coffee, order pizza, and more, according to a new video

The world’s most popular online retailer has just announced that its new robot, dubbed The BookBot, will allow you to order coffee or coffee and order pizza from the Amazon app, while reading books.Amazon says that the bookbot, which can read books on Kindle and other digital devices, will also deliver personalized offers, as well…

Why You Should Buy The Fiends and The Nexus Server Bundle

Bleacher Note: If you’ve been wondering how to get the Fiends, the Nexus Server, and the serving library, here’s a look.1.Purchase the Fiend, the Servers, and The Serving Library bundle from Steam and Amazon.2.Play the Fiand game from the Fiending server.3.Download the serving module from the serving server.4.Put the serving modules on your game console.5.Go…


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