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When you’re not on the internet, you can use a cellar to play games

It’s a bit of a weird thing to do.But if you can find one of these things in your local hardware store and use it to play some games, then maybe you can’t go home for the night.This is an example of how a computer can be turned into a game console.Here’s how. Read More

‘The real reason we are here’ for #OpSanders rally

It was the night of Sanders’ surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention, but his speech didn’t do much for the party’s chances.He said the country needed “a new political voice.”And he said “the system is broken.”Sanders was interrupted by a chant of “Bernie!Bernie!”That was followed by cheers from the crowd, but he was booed…

Which is the best Netflix app for gaming?

The best Netflix application for gaming isn’t the one you want to buy. That honor belongs to The Crew, the game that launched with a bang this month, and one that many gamers are now playing over and over again. The game has spawned a whole slew of clones, and it’s been playing out on both mobile and…

How the mind crack server was born

By Alexia M. Todorovskaya, Staff WriterThe mind crack servers, which are distributed on Tor, are not only used by the hackers to hide their activities, but also by many to test their defenses.The first is a “trusted host” server, which is a Tor-based server which is not controlled by any external authority.The second is an…

What’s the new word for ‘server’? It’s the name of the new server software that lets you access a remote server from anywhere in the world

A server is essentially a box with a network card that can be plugged into a computer.It’s basically a piece of equipment that connects your computer to a remote computer, usually a corporate computer or an office computer.The term server refers to a network-enabled computer that is connected to the Internet, but also connects to…

How to run a server on Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has confirmed that it will soon begin rolling out support for Windows Server 2012 R2.The Windows Server team is announcing the release today, and it comes with the promise of improved security and stability.The announcement comes as Microsoft continues to push out new updates to the platform.Microsoft said today that the next-generation of Windows…

How to stop your players from leaking info on their team’s training sessions

The following article contains material from ESPN The Magazine and ESPN The Blog.To see all the content on ESPN, click here.This story first appeared on ESPN The Mag.To receive the magazine in your inbox every week, click HERE.


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