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How to connect to the net in Windows 7 and 8

By default, the internet service provider (ISP) that provides the internet connection on your computer will connect to your computer and make requests for internet traffic.You can control what kind of requests are made and what type of information the ISP collects.You have the choice of connecting to a network server that provides this information…

The server that hosted #DotEmDot has been hacked and all your accounts are compromised

The server hosting the DotEmDots Discord Server has been compromised, according to a message from the game’s developer.The team behind the game, DotEmDs Discord, said on Twitter that it had lost all of its accounts and “all accounts associated with this Discord server are now compromised.”“Our users have been alerted of this,” the developer wrote…

What does it mean for the internet?

The US is facing a crisis of confidence over the security of the internet.But it’s not the first time it has faced a similar dilemma.A number of security experts have pointed to the US as the country that has the greatest vulnerabilities in its system.In April, the country was warned by the FBI that it…

Server in the crosshairs of Windows 10 security concerns

The server in the Cross-Domain-Authentication (CVA) and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) attacks that has been a sore point for many security researchers is not an ordinary domain controller but the Microsoft Server Virtualization (MSV) server that runs the Windows Server operating system.In recent weeks, security researchers have begun looking for evidence that the Microsoft server…

Iran rejects US plan to shut down Iran’s nuclear programme

Iran’s foreign ministry has rejected a US proposal to close the country’s main uranium enrichment facility, saying it would only harm efforts to reach a nuclear deal.Al Jazeera’s Hadi Abou-Ezzati reports from Tehran.


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