How the first half of this year changed the internet

This year, the year 2017 has seen a new level of technological innovation and social disruption.For a start, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become the new kings of news and discussion.On the other side of the world, Reddit and Slack have taken over the job of “social media news” for the majority…

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This year, the year 2017 has seen a new level of technological innovation and social disruption.

For a start, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become the new kings of news and discussion.

On the other side of the world, Reddit and Slack have taken over the job of “social media news” for the majority of the year.

These are both hugely popular online forums where users can share news, opinions, and advice.

For many people, these are just the beginning of the social media revolution.

But the social-media revolution hasn’t gone away.

In fact, it’s become bigger than ever, as people look to the internet for news, advice, and inspiration.

The story of 2017 The year 2017 wasn’t always this way.

In the year 2000, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook were still just that.

In 2000, the most popular social networking site in the world was a blog called the “Social-Engineering Blog”.

And in 2000, Twitter was a social network.

In 2017, the internet has taken over and is more than a simple search engine.

The internet is now a vast social media network, with a huge number of users who are not just sharing information, but actively contributing to the community as well.

But it all started in 2005, when Twitter launched.

It was a small blog that had a few hundred followers, but its popularity was overwhelming.

Twitter’s goal was to make a simple and easy-to-use tool that users could use to share information.

It also had the power to transform the way the internet worked.

The platform’s early growth led to some very controversial decisions.

The company started to charge users to post and tweet.

It didn’t take long for other social-networking platforms to follow suit.

Twitter was the first to adopt paid advertising, which was a major shift in how the internet operated.

It allowed Twitter to control the content and ads that were seen by users, which is something that had never been possible before.

It meant that Twitter’s users could decide whether or not they wanted to see ads.

It led to a revolution in how social media was seen and used.

It changed the way people communicate and interact online, and it changed the business model of social media.

In 2018, Twitter started to become more of a competitor, but in 2019, the company had to change its name to something more appealing.

By that point, Twitter had become a massive media company.

And it had to do this in a way that didn’t threaten its position as the dominant social media platform.

This meant that it had two major decisions to make: either change its business model or completely change the way it was seen by its users.

The business model change The first major change that Twitter had to make was to try to be a better competitor to Facebook and Google.

They were already the dominant players in the social networking space.

The main difference was that Facebook and Instagram had become so popular that they were being used by millions of people.

But because these companies weren’t creating a competitor to Twitter, they had no need to compete with them.

Facebook and the internet had already started to take over much of the online media space, and the platforms had to figure out a way to continue to keep up with these new players.

Twitter had a simple business model: make money by posting and selling information.

As a result, Twitter has always been able to stay ahead of the game, despite the rise of new competitors.

And that’s been the case for the last decade.

But as 2017 wore on, things started to change.

The companies were able to monetise more effectively by focusing on advertising and not content.

This changed how the social networks worked, and Twitter’s advertising business model became very expensive.

The only way for the company to keep ahead of these new competitors was to build a social-network-like product, a product that would allow users to interact with and share content, without the need to pay for ads.

The first version of the “social” product, which has since become known as the “feed” or the “news feed”, is still a work in progress.

Twitter also started to experiment with a new product, called “channel”, which allows users to find others to connect with on the social network in order to keep their connections alive.

This also allowed Twitter’s business model to change even more radically.

As part of this, Twitter changed its business from being an online advertising platform to a social media company, which meant that users weren’t allowed to pay to see what other people are doing.

This was something that was completely out of the norm in 2017.

The “feed”, and the idea of a social platform The social network that Twitter built for 2017, was a very different product from the one it had launched in 2017, when it was still called the news feed.

In both 2017 and 2018, Facebook and other social networks were just like Twitter, providing information to users that they could use for free. This made


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