How to install and use Chrome’s WebVR app for Android

How to get the latest version of Chrome on Android.1.Download Chrome’s latest build.You can find it here.2.Open a new Chrome tab.Click “About”.Google will ask you to install a security update.Click install update.If you don’t see the Chrome logo, the update has already downloaded and is installed.3.Select the Update tab and then click “Next”.You’ll see the…

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How to get the latest version of Chrome on Android.


Download Chrome’s latest build.

You can find it here.


Open a new Chrome tab.

Click “About”.

Google will ask you to install a security update.

Click install update.

If you don’t see the Chrome logo, the update has already downloaded and is installed.


Select the Update tab and then click “Next”.

You’ll see the browser’s new version pop up.

If all goes well, you’ll be asked if you want to continue.

If so, click Continue.


On the next screen, you should see an update notification.

Click it to continue with the installation.


After the installation is complete, you can close the browser and reboot your phone.

You should now see a Chrome app running in the background on your phone, which you can open with the default app shortcut.

We have yet to test the app with the Oculus Rift headset, but it’s certainly capable of rendering VR content.

If that’s the case, you could be using Chrome for your next VR experience.

If not, then check out our guide to turning your Android phone into a VR headset.

Chrome for Android, the Chrome browser for Android devices, has been around for quite a while, and it’s probably one of the most popular apps out there.

With more than 20 million users, the browser is built on a strong community of developers who work on it to keep it up to date.

If it were up to us, we’d love to see Chrome for phones get an update sooner rather than later.

Google says the update is rolling out to all devices starting March 1.


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