Why did the US government leak the details of its own investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails?

The US government has revealed details of the criminal investigation into the contents of Hillary Clinton emails to the FBI, in a move that has infuriated Republican lawmakers and critics who have said the move threatens to undercut their campaign to unseat the Democratic presidential candidate.The revelations about the Clinton probe come as the Republican…

Published by admin inJuly 14, 2021
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The US government has revealed details of the criminal investigation into the contents of Hillary Clinton emails to the FBI, in a move that has infuriated Republican lawmakers and critics who have said the move threatens to undercut their campaign to unseat the Democratic presidential candidate.

The revelations about the Clinton probe come as the Republican National Committee is considering a series of tough measures, including shutting down the party’s social media accounts and barring its staffers from social media.

The FBI said it was acting on a tip from a US intelligence agency.

In a letter to US senators and representatives on Friday, the FBI said that it had been working with the US Justice Department and the FBI in the past few weeks to review and determine whether there was enough evidence to open a criminal investigation.

The Justice Department has been reviewing the case, the letter said, adding that the FBI has been working to ensure that the public does not lose any information by revealing this information.

The move by the Justice Department comes as a special counsel is preparing to interview Clinton over the emails, as part of the FBI’s inquiry into the 2016 presidential election.

A letter sent by the FBI to Congress and the media on Thursday said that a referral from the FBI was made to the special counsel on March 16, and that the special investigation is continuing.

“We do not comment on ongoing investigations,” the letter stated.

“The Special Counsel will be issuing a report on the matter in the near future.”

The special counsel has said he is not looking to indict Clinton, who is facing multiple inquiries about her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

However, the Democratic nominee has repeatedly said she did nothing wrong, and has denied any wrongdoing.

She has said that if there was a criminal case against her, it would be politically motivated.

She will not face charges, and the special prosecutor is considering whether to refer the case to a grand jury.

Democrats have accused the Republican administration of politicising the investigation, and have been calling for the Justice in Washington to recuse itself from any investigation into her emails.

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has previously said that he would recuse himself from any probe into the emails.

“I will recuse myself from any and all investigations into Hillary’s emails, including any investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller,” he wrote in a series in April.

“Myself, my family, and I have not been involved in any wrongdoing.”

The Democratic Party has said it has received more than 40,000 emails from Clinton’s private server.

“This investigation will be a real witch hunt, and will end in nothing but vindictiveness,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement.

The investigation into Clinton has been ongoing for months, and congressional Democrats have called for the FBI and Justice to appoint a special prosecutor to lead the probe.

The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committees have repeatedly called for a special congressional committee to look into the matter.

“While the Special Counsel is currently examining the emails in an effort to determine whether the Justice department is acting in good faith and in the public interest, Democrats have said that such a special investigation should not interfere with ongoing investigations into President Trump’s ties to Russia,” the RNC said in an email.

“Our goal remains to have the public have confidence in the criminal justice system, and in any investigation that involves President Trump and his administration.”

The Trump campaign has repeatedly attacked the probe, calling it a political witch hunt.

In response to the news of the probe being revealed, Trump tweeted that “Democrats are still investigating me for being a Crooked Hillary puppet, but now it’s Podesta’s turn!”

Clinton has maintained that she did not break any laws, and said she was only doing what was required to protect US national security.

The email leak is a significant development for Clinton and her campaign, which has been trying to paint the Republican as anti-American and a liar.

It has also put Republicans on edge, as some Republicans fear they will be accused of meddling in the election and will be held accountable for their efforts.

“Clinton has been the target of an unprecedented smear campaign against her and her team, but her emails are not a witch hunt,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“What we have seen in the last few weeks is the FBI investigating an individual.

It’s not a criminal matter.

It doesn’t have to be.

It just needs to be investigated and it needs to get to the bottom of who this individual is.”


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